Biking from San Francisco to LA: I need your help!

A message from Michael Gourdin-Mcmahon kingnor@gmail.com.

Hi everyone,

As many of you know, on June 3rd I'm participating in the AIDS LifeCycle ride from SF to LA!  It's 545 miles over seven days!

I'm trying to raise $3000 so I can participate in this awesome ride.  The money goes to help people who are living with AIDS/HIV.

I heard about this ride from a friend who was fundraising about 6 years ago.  He said it was a profound experience, and from the training rides alone I can see what he was getting at.  I've been training every weekend with a group of awesome people and watching everyone and myself improve at the art of cycling has been rewarding.  I cannot wait to get on the road and spend a week seeing the California coast and helping people who are dealing with a horrible disease.

I'm still short of my goal though and I need to raise $1950 in the next 12 days!
You can help to get me there!  Every little bit makes a big difference!

Thanks for your help everyone!



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