Neighborly Beast - Mike G.

Work in Progress
Spent about 15 min with a false start on this one. Hope to finish it up by the end of the day.


Bennett - Neighborly Beast

the best way to ride to school.
15 minutes so far - photoshop

Bennett - Caught Composition

only got 10 minutes to do this comp real fast in photoshop.
was going to finish it up at home, but i feel siiiiiick.


Big Bad Wolf - Kim Herbst

You all honestly think Little Red survived that attack?

They just made up the rest of the story in hopes that children would sleep better at night.


3-4 hrs

Wolf - Jaylaw



Little Red Dress Up

Here is my monthly sketch offering. It is essentially a little dress up, paper doll set with which one can play out a few scenes of the classic Little Red Riding Hood tale. I have included a splash of red drops which can be used should you wish to stage your own wolf massacre.

This piece functions best when printed on card stock but it also works fairly well with standard paper. It prints out full size as letter sized . A few strategically placed bits of tape/ sticky stuff may help adhere any fiddly pieces if you find the need.

Please do print it out, cut it up and play. Maybe Little Red can even live on your desk. ☺

*I created this piece using a combination of Illustrator and photoshop.*


Chef - Flight - Jollan

Muro, umm 20-30 min

big bad wolf

When I saw this topic I thought of the Windowlicker video. Don't know why.

about 40 minutes


Parachute not Included - DAragon

About an Hour off and on in Photoshop.

Monthly Jam Topic: Little Red Riding Hood.

Erica Henderson

Each piece of the triptych is 11X17
I wound up putting them up for sale on my Etsy shop, which needs some serious updating.

Bennett - Adolescence

my adolescence was a lot of kicking ass with charizard.
40 minutes - photoshop

Adolescence - Mike G.

I didn't have a plan for this one
So I drew a baby... I think that's maybe too young?

15 Min Photoshop


Bennett - Commute

i hate everyone who is sitting on bart when i get on the train.
20 minutes - photoshop

als i really like my background on this, so here it is uncropped with no characters.

My Commute - HeatherIhn

Photoshop 15 mins.

Daily Commute - Kim Herbst

This is a lie. I totally wear a dorky helmet. BUT, my handlebars are very crooked.

10-15 min - Photoshop

MUNI - commute - Jollan

Today's 48, sorta. deviantART muro 13 mins

edge of the world

about 35 minutes


Favorite Game Character - Mike G.

Went with Terra from Final Fantasy VI
20ish min in Photoshop, didn't spend the time on it I should have.

Ancient something something - Jaylaw

Painter. 1+ hr. Don't like how it turned out, but was having fun while I was doing it. Had to call it.

Edited to this uhh new version. :D