Red Hood - Mike G.

45 min in photoshop with another 35 puttzing around with the background

Red Hood - Jaylaw

Just gonna use one of the sketches I did to generate some ideas for the Monthly. I dunno yet if Hood is going to be Pirate or Navy (and have Wolf be the opposite).

20m. Markers/Pen.



Luchadore - Jaylaw

You'd better put on a good show...

Painter. More than an hour... but I'm not sure. Was having fun.

Ama de Casa Susie - Frank Harmon

Combining: Luchadores, Orange and Mechanical, Occult Ornithology (though honestly shoehorned), and Water on Fire.

time 45 to an hour



Bennett - Orange Mechanical

alchemy + photoshop. meh.

It's Hungry

35 min

Kind of a cop out with the laser beam but tonight my robots looked like a soggy sack of potatoes.

orange juice

10 min photoshop

something orange and mechanical-Wilbur Liang

1hr 15min ish

oh crap - jkim

Orange & Mechanical - Kim Herbst

Plus a bird, to tie in for missing yesterday's topic.

on 'n off for 2 hrs or so

Bennett - Magic Bird (late!)

15 minutes in alchemy
sorry for being late :c

Day late - Rite

Photoshop ~2 hours
Dan Aragon

Mechanical Monarch

"Mechanical Monarch"
Adobe Photoshop
~2 hours (not really sure)
- Heather Houghton


pencil, about 25 minutes

Occult Ornithology - bdicks

"Haunted hummingbird"
Photoshop, 15 minutes - brandon dicks