Metal Wings - Kim Herbst

doodle of a character from a comic I started while unemployed in NYC. I never finished it because I ended up getting a job; this is both good and...bad? haha
She does end up with some metal wings though.

Photoshop - off/on for an hour


Forest Landscape

Inspired by Goro's presentation today at work here is my first submission for May

45 min


about the additive project

Has been probably ages since I posted something here but, even if
smallish, here it goes. First step of anything nice, give it a name.
In this case, Addendum.



drawing horseman!
what do you guys think?
trying to get that oldschool woodblock look to it, i think my anatomy is off on the rider, i need to find good references for this.


Bennett - Emboar Gajinka

moar pokemans!
~15 minutes in PS. wasn't sure if i wanted to do a vest or a keffiyeh or something. in the end i liked the way the fur collar looked.


Bennett - Scrafty Gijinka

I really want to gajinka out my pokemon lineup, and my scraggy just evolved, so heres a hipster lady scrafty (who on my team is named Nerdelaius)

10 minutes in PS