06/27 Aliens - Mike G.

dark backround
10ish minutes Sharpie and marker

Quick Alien

I did this real quick in Painter. It's my first sketch on my new Cintiq 21 oooooOooOooh. 25m.

Then I played with the contrast/exposure levels in Picasa. 5m.


Alien theme "Ducky" -ronbondoc

ZBrush 4 off and on for about an hour

body snatcher 90 min

Photoshop 90min.  Color comp was working out at first so I started over in monotone to get the values right and worked from there.


Enough Excuses

Get back to work!
Themes will be added to the side bar and chat on a hopefully daily basis. Not a member of the chat? Let me know and i'll get you added! Also if you still haven't had your gmail account registered to post to the blog, let me know.


have fun, and I look forward to seeing some great art.


Wings and Metal

I'm still catching up on the old topics.

Swords are like flyswatters to dragons.. Not that dragons are weak as flies. It's an analogy shut up.

Painter. I think about an hour.


Layla - Judgement of Swords and Souls - Mike G.

Just got done listening to Judgment of Swords and Souls on Podcastle.org:

Pretty fun story and I liked the main character so it gave me something to draw.

Update, she was supposed to be bald and i wanted to have another go at her outfit. I did some things better but I don't like her expression and face so much as the first one. oh well, part 2


Bennetts Robot

This is harder to read than i wanted, but he's looking at the helmet/head of one of his explorer friends.


Bennett - The Captain WIP

so im working on a series of illustrations about this tribe of wandering robot/armored things wandering around a big planet full of ruins and jungles. this is one of the main characters, who i have decided is the captain of the journey.

this is probably like... 2 hours so far of just noodling around in photoshop?
i rendered the head a bit to try out different shadings and brushes to get the look i want, and now i've blocked the rest in, except for his weapons. not sure about the arm poses.

if you have some feedback, please post it!