Layla - Judgement of Swords and Souls - Mike G.

Just got done listening to Judgment of Swords and Souls on Podcastle.org:

Pretty fun story and I liked the main character so it gave me something to draw.

Update, she was supposed to be bald and i wanted to have another go at her outfit. I did some things better but I don't like her expression and face so much as the first one. oh well, part 2


  1. it just hit me that the girl had a shaved head! whoooops

  2. oh thanks for posting this podcast! I haven't heard of it before. I'm currently listening to Game of Thrones on audiobook format. It's a bit hard to follow so I've listened to it twice, if not more. I'll check this out. Nice drawings!

  3. Only now seeing these. They're lovely! Layla gets her hair back in Book II of my novel series, too, so it's all good.

    Saladin Ahmed