Monthly Sketch Jam

Yesterday in the chat a few people started tossing around ideas, and it came up that some of us would like to do an extended drawing project. So, on top of (or maybe to the side of) our daily sketches, we have added an optional monthly illustration (or model, if 3d is your thing) project. You do not have to participate, although we'd love if you did. You can submit multiple drawings to the monthly theme, but the intention is to create finished illustrations that all fit into a larger story. So feel free to submit your concept art, works in progress, and hopefully finished pieces towards the monthly story!
For our monthly drawings we will choose a fable for everyone to create art for. Illustrated scenes, storyboards, models, character and environment concepts... flesh out the world of the story as you envision it. Or, just create a few pieces of art. Or one. Whatever you are comfortable with. If you're looking for inspiration, I recommend:

both are concept art projects driven by a similar theme, taking a new look at an old story.

For our first story, we have chosen something everyone should be familiar with, Little Red Riding Hood. ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Little_Red_Riding_Hood ) And i thought id drop a few suggestions to get you started (these re the ideas I'm toying right now for the story)

Western - Red hood as a delicate country girl, riding her wagon across the west to her grandma's ranch. Big Bad Wolf as a bandit in black, who steals her coach to gain entry to granny's secure ranch compound to steal her coin. Granny as an oil baron with a lot of land and money. The huntsman as a dogged bounty hunter hot on the wolf's tail

Noir - Red Hood as a young boy in a big city, coming to seek his fortune. Big Bad Wolf as a tempting seductress who lures him in with her feminine wiles. Granny as a wealthy business man/woman who the wolf attempts to kill for the inheritance. The huntsman as devoted private detective investigating Granny's murder.

Sci-Fi - Red hood as a mech pilot fighting in a galactic conflict. Big Bad is her mech, who AI has gone rogue and plans to destory Red Hood granny. Granny as the emperor, who will hold a ceremony for red hoods bravery in the field. The huntsman as another mehc pilot, who has begun to suspect red hoods mind is slipping as her mechs Ai begins ot take over her brain.

Some of these are more abstract, and they move story elements around a bit, but they're all loosely based on a central theme. Have an idea? Discuss it in chat! or leave comments here!

Hope to see some great work!


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